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At Energise Therapy Clinic we offer a unique combination of services to comprehensively treat a variety of soft tissue, nerve and joint problems. Evidence has shown that each of these services has their own individual set of benefits. When combined appropriately to address your individual problem, you are giving your body the best chance at recovering. 


​You can be assured – we will work with you to decide on the best appropriate management plan that suits yourself.

remedial massage


Relieve the muscle tension and stress built up through our repetitive working life



Physio is not a set treatment  technique and it's not only for sports injuries.

These are the common misconceptions...



Acupuncture and needling treatments are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as patients and practitioners are seeing fast improvements in pain and tension


You can get an instant rebate from your private health fund for most services. EFTPOS and credit card services are also available for your convenience

Medicare Covered Treatments

If you are eligible and have a Medicare care plan from your GP, you may be able to have a certain number of treatments covered by Medicare. Talk to your GP or give us a call to find out more

Work Cover and Third Party Insurance

We are have Work Cover approved practitioners so If you have been involved in a work related incident and have lodged a Work Cover claim, you are able to have approved treatment here.

If you have  treatment approved as part of a third party insurance incident claim, we are also able to assist you with you recovery 

Veteran Affairs and Aged Pensioners

Veterans' affairs services available

Discounts for aged pensioners available

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