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Energise Therapy Clinic: Your Burwood Acupuncture Source

If you are experiencing headaches, chronic low back pain, or chronic knee pain, then you may want to find a Burwood Acupuncture clinic. Acupuncture has been growing in popularity for years as patients and practitioners alike learn about its ability to help manage the symptoms of various conditions, especially when it is part of a holistic treatment program. At Energise Therapy Clinic, we offer acupuncture along with other helpful therapies to assist with a variety of health issues. 

Acupuncture is gaining popularity beyond its origins in China. Even Western doctors and health practitioners are willing to accept acupuncture’s place in relieving symptoms associated with migraines, chronic knee aches, and lower back pain. Our Burwood physiotherapy centre is also home to remedial massage. With a variety of techniques available, a massage relieves pain and stiffness, improves circulation, can help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and promotes healthy muscle movement. 

What You Should Know About Acupuncture in Burwood

There are several schools of thought on acupuncture and its ability to help improve the symptoms of certain conditions. The two views that you will want to learn about are the traditional view and the medical view.

  • Traditional view: The traditional view of acupuncture holds that your physical health requires a harmonious balance and flow of life energy (Qi) through the network of channels known as meridians. If there is an inadequate supply of this life energy or the flow is interrupted, perhaps because of stress, poor diet, weather, or other lifestyle factors, it can lead to illness or pain. Acupuncture allegedly clears these energy blockages and allows the energy to flow freely again by stimulating specific sites along the meridians, resulting in healing and recovery. 

  • Medical view: With greater research and acceptance behind its adoption today than ever before, the Western medical world increasingly uses acupuncture. Scientific research and Western medicine believe that the benefits of acupuncture have their roots in neuroscience. As acupuncture stimulates nerve fibres, it inhibits pain signals to the brain. Not only might acupuncture discourage the travel of pain signals to the brain, but it may also stimulate the release of the body’s natural painkillers: endorphins and opiates. 

Related Services We Provide to Acupuncture:

Along with acupuncture, we offer:

  • Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a range of injuries, pain conditions, and movement disorders. Physiotherapists, who are trained professionals in movement and function, work in partnership with their clients, guiding them to overcome their disorders and return to their regular activities pain-free.

  • Remedial massage. Remedial massage is a special massage that focuses on relieving stiffness and pain and augmenting the recovery process from your condition or injury. Our massage therapists offer a variety of techniques to achieve this, including acupressure, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and tui na anmo (a Chinese manual therapy frequently combined with acupuncture). 

Contact Us

Energise Therapy Clinic has been operating in Burwood for 5 years, providing acupuncture, physiotherapy, and massage. We consider every patient our priority, offering the personal attention and tailored treatment strategies that you deserve. We assess, diagnose, and treat a range of conditions, including headaches, neck pain, shoulder problems, elbow and wrist injuries, hand injuries, low back pain, hip and groin conditions, knee pain, and problems with the shins, ankles, and feet. If you are looking for an acupuncture therapist or another therapeutic service, contact us today

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