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Long standing neck pain and stiffness



Neck Pain - What is it? Where does it come from?


Neck pain is one of the most commonly presenting complaints treated by Physiotherapists.

Neck pain can be the result of problems from the structures in the neck itself (discs, joints and ligaments, muscles, nerves) or it can be sometimes pain referred from other sources such as the jaw or upper back or shoulder. 

Typically, poor postural habits will be a contributory factor in those who are suffering long standing neck pain.


Neck Pain - How does it present? 


Persistent neck pain and a limitation of your normal range of motion (i.e the amount of movement you can move your neck) are two common symptoms which suggest that you have an underlying neck problem. 


Neck pain and stiffness can be a result of a sudden, distinct incident (e.g twisting of the neck, heavy lifting, contact sports or even sneezing). In these cases, there is usually some degree of connective tissue tearing and subsequent inflammation e.g. a sprain of one of the joints of the neck. 


Neck pain can also present gradually without any obvious incident. In these cases, usually patients are unknowingly putting their neck under sustained awkward positions, repetitve bending or are working in jobs that require prolonged sitting. Under such sustained stresses, structures in the neck can then become symptomatic.


Neck Pain - How can Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Massage help?


Neck pain is not normally due to one specific structure or cause alone but rather usually a result of a number of underlying abnormalities

Physiotherapists are university trained to assess and identify these underlying abnormalities in order to treat neck syndromes appropriately. At Energise Therapy Clinic, we are able to provide a multi-modal


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