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Visit Energise Therapy Clinic for Your Burwood Massage

Are you looking for a Burwood massage clinic that offers remedial massage, sports massage, and other therapeutic services? Energise Therapy Clinic can help. We have been in operation for 45 years providing people in the Burwood area with supportive services, including massage, physiotherapy, and acupuncture.

Benefits of Remedial Massage in Burwood

If you experience ongoing stress, headaches, or aches and pains, or if the demands of everyday life have had a negative impact on your physical and mental health, then remedial massage may be for you. Here are some of the unique advantages of this type of massage:

  • Stress reduction. Remedial massage may help reduce both your physical and mental stress levels. This massage can help elevate endorphins and decrease cortisol, making you feel better. It may also help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, sleep problems, and flagging energy. 

  • Help for postural issues. Many of us spend most of our time sitting, which can cause postural stress. This issue can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, or back. A remedial massage therapist can help the body to realign, regain balance, and improve posture, counteracting some of the negative effects of prolonged sitting. 

  • Better joint mobility. Remedial massage in Burwood can help people who are living with physical disabilities or acute and chronic conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, cerebral palsy, and general muscle overuse. These problems can lead to stiffness and discomfort.

Remedial massage includes stretching and other techniques that focus on loosening muscles, improving circulation, and increasing joint strength, stability, and flexibility. 

What You Should Know About Sports Massage in Burwood

Sports massage is one of the most popular types of massage that we provide. We often inform clients what makes this option different from a regular relaxation massage. There are several factors that set sports massage apart:

  • It is a form of clinical massage. Clinical massage is medical care given to a patient with specific treatment goals. It generally focuses on smaller, specific problem areas, unlike a general massage. Sports massage can complement traditional medical treatments. 

  • It requires special training. Sports massage therapists receive specific training and develop unique skills before they provide this massage. A sports massage may include techniques such as remedial massage, myofascial trigger point therapy, or deep tissue massage in Burwood. 

  • It aims to deliver specific benefits. Unlike relaxation massage, which promotes nurturing and overall relaxation, sports massage focuses on achieving specific benefits, such as relaxing certain muscles, improving circulation, or restoring flexibility to help prevent future injuries or boost athletic performance.

  • It is goal-oriented. Sports massage may incorporate just one session or several, but there are always specific goals to the process depending on the severity of the condition and the affected area.

  • It is tailored to your unique needs. If there’s one thing that sports massage isn’t, it’s one-size-fits-all. Sports massage therapists are trained to deliver advanced and individualised care, including personalised treatments for the best possible outcome. 

About Energise Therapy Clinic

Are you living with chronic pain or an injury that just isn’t getting better, despite your careful home care efforts? Energise Therapy Clinic offers a range of services that we have carefully chosen to provide maximum benefits through natural, non-invasive therapies. We offer massage, physiotherapy, and acupuncture for a variety of conditions such as sports injuries, arthritis, bursitis, whiplash, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, meniscus injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

We provide personal attention to each patient, listening carefully, assessing individually, and delivering a tailored approach to treatment for maximum results. If you are dealing with chronic pain or immobility and want to discover natural yet effective healing methods, such as massage in Burwood, contact us today

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