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  • have niggling aches or pains that are not improving with just time

  • sick of feeling stiff, tight or aches during or after your work outs. 

  • Frustrated you can't work out the way you want to and don't want to rely on pain killers

  • don't want your injury or pain to worsen to the point where it disturbs your sleep, your lifestyle and your happiness

  • want to train better, with less pain and safer

What should you expect?
  • Initial assessment and diagnosis​
​We'll spend some time getting to understand  how it all started, what your problem is, what you want to achieve and what your main frustrations are. We'll go through some specific tests and figure out what your condition is. 
  • Explanation of condition and treatment plan
We'll help you understand the problem and what the issues are that are slowing down your recovery. We'll show you how these things relate to your goals and show you how we might be able help you get better faster. 
  • Self treatment techniques
We'll show you how you can start improving your condition immediately with some simple exercises, self treatment tips and tricks. 
  • Discounted treatment FOR SNAP FITNESS
Special partnership with Snap fitness Burwood allows you to get discounted physio treatment if you need it. We're doing this to give you the best chance of getting better as soon as possible.
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