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How Burwood Physiotherapy Helps to Address Pain Problems

Your next step for responding to body aches and stiffness is pursuing Burwood physiotherapy. If your body is stiff, feels fatigued, and is affecting your ability to move, then an appointment with a Burwood physio is what you require. 

The Importance of Physiotherapy in Burwood

A common misconception about physio is that it’s reserved for athletes. Physio is essential in treating a wide range of problems across the body. Ultimately, physio is meant to help the body move more easily with the least pain possible. 

Put simply... Physiotherapists work with you to get you moving better, more efficiently and with less pain so that you can recover from your injury quicker and prevent the problem from coming back.


The best physiotherapists will look at the bigger picture (not just massage the sore spot) to help you discover why your problems have presented and then address these root causes.

What can Physiotherapy help with?

A regular physio program assists individuals in returning to their previous level of activity and aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how:

  • It promotes quick repair of the body. Physiotherapy represents the reduction of pain anywhere in the body but typically in the back, shoulder, and neck regions. Physio aims to address current problems but also to help eliminate future issues with movement. 

  • Physio is educational. While attending physio sessions, you will realise that the therapy imparts knowledge on pain management techniques and how to avoid being injured in the future. Clients learn how to perform therapeutic exercises to relieve pain and build themselves up physically to maintain strength and flexibility. 

  • It fills the gap between doctors and patients. Physio begins where doctors and medical treatments end. After trying various health professionals and medication, physio steps in as a supplementary treatment. Therapists offer help and psychological support to patients when other medical avenues are no longer enough. 

Benefits of Physio in Burwood

If you are looking for a Burwood back pain solution, pursuing a customised physical therapy program may be the easiest approach to the problem. Its primary focus is to eliminate pain and restore muscle and joint function, but there are other benefits to this treatment:


  • It helps avoid invasive surgery. In most cases, muscle or joint aches lead patients to surgery to reduce the pain. Physio helps clients to heal from an injury or reduce pain without having to visit the operating table immediately. If surgery is necessary, pre-surgery therapy prepares the body for it, resulting in stronger results from the operation. Treatment after surgery is common to further aid clients with their recovery. 

  • Helps combat illness and disease. Exercise is essential for blood sugar management. Diabetics benefit from physiotherapy in that it often reduces or eliminates the sensation problems that they have with their feet and legs. After a stroke, this treatment helps to strengthen the body and improves overall balance as it increases mobility. 

  • Prevent falls by improving balance. Initially, a physio team will screen a client for fall risk. This step is to determine the stability and overall condition of the body. If a client is at risk, the therapist will incorporate exercises to slowly challenge the balance in ways that portray real-life situations. Therapy helps with coordination and walking with exercises that support vestibular functioning, which needs to be at its peak to help clients avoid dizziness. 

Why Trust Energise Therapy Clinic Regarding Physiotherapy in Burwood? 

In operation for 5 years, we have consistently helped patients to improve mobility in various scenarios. If you’re struggling with your body and it doesn’t move the way that it used to, then a visit to our physiotherapy centre in Burwood is an excellent first step. Whether it’s a sports injury or recovery from surgery or an illness, our friendly staff will have you moving as your old self did. 

Contact Us

We have the solution for you if you’re struggling with mobility or need a Burwood back pain clinic. For issues ranging from tension or sore muscles to a direct approach to joint treatment or recovery from a sports injury or stroke, our physiotherapy options are available to support your recovery process. Contact us to book an appointment and keep your body moving. 

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