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Undo Stiffness: Foam Roller Upper Back Extensions

Foam rollers may look simple, but they are effective in improving spine posture. Especially in today's world, where we are sitting for lengthy times in front of computers, it's important that we take the time to be mindful of exercises for the back.

Upper Back Extensions increase the strength of our back, which helps to prevent injury. You will exercise your bottom, hips and shoulders as well. Grab a foam roller (they're portable and inexpensive) and read on.

Follow these Steps

1. Lie with the foam roller positioned under the upper back region.

2. Hold the back of your head to support your neck.

3. IMPORTANT: Rotate your pelvis backwards to flatten your low-back towards the ground (like you are doing a sit-up exercise).

4. Push your upper back backwards over the foam roller while keeping your low back flattened towards the ground (do not let your low back arch upwards).

5. Feel a stretch in the upper back at the level of the foam roller.

6. Repeat 10 times or until stretch feeling eases off.

7. Repeat again with foam roller at a different level of the upper back.

Is your body not feeling its best?

Energise Therapy Clinic provides remedial massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture services. Located in Burwood, we are a convenient health clinic for people based in Ashfield, Strathfield, Croydon and surrounding suburbs.


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